Where do our SIPS come from?

Ecobuild is the Isle of Man representative for SIPS Industries with 14 years’ experience and manufacturing businesses in 3 continents and winner of numerous awards and recognition in their field, they were ECOBuilds preferred manufacture to supply our panels.

SIP Factory ImageExpanded polystyrene is passed through an electrically driven adhesive spreader. The PVA adhesive used is water based and solvent free.

The expanded polystyrene is laid on to a sheet of oriented strand board (OSB) using a lay-up table system. A second sheet of OSB is applied to form the structural sandwich. This sandwich then continues into a pneumatic laminating press by means of electric motors.

The panels are pressed for a specified time under a specified pressure to ensure satisfactory bond results. All materials are ordered to size to eliminate waste during the pressing process.

The entire process is controlled in accordance with ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems procedures and all operators are trained.