SIPS Advantages/ Benefits

Consumer, builder and architect benefits.

  1. A complete installed building structure that performs 50 to 70% better than conventional construction.
  2. Unprecedented comfort through MVHR/ HVAC systems and the SIP envelope produce a healthy living environment.
  3. Affordability through efficient installation and operation.
  4. Conforms to modern methods of construction (MMC) and environmentally friendly sustainable products.
  5. Extremely strong durable buildings with low U values and airtightness that exceed the new 2016 buildings regulations for sustainable homes/ buildings.
  6. Build all year round, our SIPS systems are pre manufactured under factory conditions and can be erected/ installed in a matter of days/ weeks.
  7. Speed of build gives you an instant “shell” which in turn lets other trades, interior and exterior work to commence giving you an efficient build process and a more secure house against theft, whilst keeping costs down and budgets on track.