Sips Panels

What are SIPs?

SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels are a modern method of building construction using pre-facbricated panels made up of OSB sandwich around a dense polyurethane insulated core.

They deliver a more sustainable building, achieving insulation values that cannot be achieved with a traditional build. Typically SIPs will give U values as low as 0.13, and reduce cold bridging.

SIPs can also be used for garden buildings, extensions, and much more – however you use SIPs, they achieve a comfortable energy-efficient lower heating cost and high degree of comfort.

As the SIPs are pre-insulated you can achieve thinner than wall section, and on average 55% quicker to install then conventional building methods.

Reasons for choosing to build with SIPs

“The strength of SIPs are second to none and they can be used as load-bearing walls. Because of the strength of the roof panels you’ll always gain vaulted rooms or second floor, depending on the roof height. “

“SIPs are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems. A SIPs home’s life-cycle reduces energy use and has an excellent carbon footprint. A SIPs building has continuous insulation which makes it extremely air tight.”

“Builds can save money through decreased construction and labour costs. The build will also reduce your waste disposal. The finished SIPs home can be up to 50% energy efficient, helping to reduce household running costs and utility bills.”

Why we use the SIPs System?

Ecobuild use the SIPs system because of their Lightweight properties providing greater design flexibility. With their structural strength and rigid surface make them easier for fixtures &;amp fittings, providing a thinner wall depth creates extra floor space. With a SIPs build we can reduce the time it take to complete any build due to the pre-fabrication of the panels.

Building and using the SIPs system for your project is as Eco, as it comes. You have minimal waste, they are environmentally friendly providing Outstanding thermal performance, providing limited cold bridging and providing low U-values. With SIPs you also have a Class 0 (zero) fire rating that you don’t get with other materials.

What are SIPs suitable for?

Housing, Commercial buildings, Leisure homes, Controlled environment solutions, Offices & garden rooms and any bespoke project that you can think of that would require any sort of construction work/renovation.

Watch this video which covers SIPs, highlighting the benefits: